GoLab.IO 2023: Understanding the Successes and Pain Points of Different Testing Strategies

GopherCon US 2023: The Blueprints to Building a Badass Community

Diversity and Inclusion In Tech. Who Bears Responsibility?, November 2022

A talk based on an article I wrote, that looks at all the ways people can both take and shirk responsibility when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion in Tech [Link]

It's Not All Talk - London Gophers, November 2022

A talk about the benefits of putting together a talk and is in no way trying to convince more people to submit talks to London Gophers. [Link]

The ‘Go In Production Experience’ Experience! - London Gophers, January 2020

In this talk I discuss my experience trying to get 'Production Experience' in Go. But what is Production Experience? How do you get Production Experience? Why do so many companies want Production Experience? All this and more may be answered here. [Link]

Go 3 Months In - London Gophers, January 2019

From 'Hello World' to life as a Professional Gopher can seem like a real journey. Follow the first steps of a Gopher exploring the lessons learnt and challenges faced along the way. Gopher Life could be right for you and may just be around the corner. [Link]