It's The Most Somethingst Time Of The Year

It's The Most Somethingst Time Of The Year

It sure is.

Here are some pictures from 2022 that I’m going to delete from my phone. Maybe. Enjoy the holidays!

Warning: this page could take awhile to load

A blurry image of half of 'Ferris the Crab' a Rust mascot
Trying to take a picture of 'Ferris the Crab' but it moved. Unexpected for a plushie
Image of D&D tokens on a computer screen
Some D&D tokens I was creating before discovering the print screen button.
Image of Trainer on a left leg
Shoe on left leg
Image of a cute plushie egg next to a lamb
My friend gave me a cute egg
Image of half of a sign. The words read 'Westo, Please drive'
Jokes on them, I don't have a license
Image of a plushie rat and monkey in separate glass boxes
This is their life now
Image of the cute plushie egg about to blown off a bridge
Pictures taken moments before disaster
Image of cute plushie egg narrowly avoiding a watery demise, at the base of the bridge
A collection of cuddly toys, including a pikachu, llama with a hat, an egg and a big blue gopher. There is also a picture of the blue gopher and a c++ book
I climbed down and got the egg back. Please ignore the eyebrows. Don't tell my friend or the authorities
A brown shoe attached to a leg with blue jeans
Different shoe on right leg
Picture of glasses hanging from a railing
Glasses, but for your eyes
Picture of a chocolate cake
Tasted worse than it looks
Picture of one of more depressing meals I've created that I wish to never make again
Tasted exactly how it looks
Picture of a frying pan with being measured with a measuring tape
It's a drying pan
Picture of a spiky leafed plant
Plant gang
Picture of a keyhole
I suppose in a way, we're all keyholes
Picture of a long-necked dinosaur
Dinosaur photobomb
Picture of a wood block connected to some cloth with nails sticking out of it, underneath a sofa
Yes, those are nails. Yes, I discovered this the hard way. 
Pictures of movie posters replaces with cartoon owls
Picture of a street with a rainbow at the end coming down from the clouds
Ok, I might keep this one
Sculpture of the Nativity Scene in a shopping mall
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! What's going on here?

There were more, but I'm sure this page is already hell-ish to load.

Next week's the retrospective. Maybe. Have a happy holiday!