Thoughts on March - Mini Retrospective

Pink Gopher in front of a castle on a cliff

Mini being the operative word. 500 words or less! Let’s start with the main highlights.

What He Just Said

Meeting The GoLand Team in Munich, Germany

Originally I wanted to write an entire article about the trip, but have negotiated my way down to this paragraph.

It was the first GoLand team gathering since the briefly-halted apocalypse. Over 3-4 days we did a retrospective, review and deep-dove into ways to improve processes and GoLand itself.

…And had a small treat, by visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle. Unfortunately pictures aren’t allowed on the inside, but trust me there were no dragons. Sadly.

Fun fact → The GoLand team is quite varied in terms of interests. Consisting of paragliders, analogue photographers, wooden spoon musicians, travel vloggers, journalists, teachers, golfers and CS:GO pros. The more you know.

Anyway, if I get enough likes on this YouTube video I promise that perhaps one day I’ll write the deep-dive article.

Me smiling at a phone in my hand

London Gophers 10 Year Anniversary

For a night that felt joyously improvised on the day, I honestly think this was the most fun London Gophers event we’ve had since the revival. Mat Ryer gave an informative demonstration on hosting and I think I want to try and bring my own version of that type of energy to future events as well.

Mat Ryer Hosting London Gophers

We also picked up two new organizers Barnaby Keene and Adelina Simion, so the team is really coming together. Now all we need is that accursed bank account… I swear it’s my green light at the end of the dock.

Now Onto The Thoughts

If you’ve been following the lore, I started out doing weekly articles around 8 or so months ago. Recently, as predicted, work has been picking up so I’ve reduced the priority of a weekly schedule.

However, I’ve been thinking about experimenting with different mediums. Video mainly. Maybe voice at some point. I enjoyed the interviews for the Go: Around The World series, as well as other articles and I sometimes wonder if the conversations are better than the articles themselves.

I still want to carve out my niche and discover what best suits my skill sets and is most enjoyable.  These new ideas may have a bit of a slow ramp up time before getting started, but I think it’s still worth experimenting and giving different things a fair shake.

Random Final Thought

While putting this together I wondered if perhaps having a set of smaller articles and then a larger one would help freshen up my approach to this blog. It’s been kind of interesting trying to keep this to less than 500 words.

Anywho, have a cool day.